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I am excited to share some news with you. I am looking to join this online news writing platform as an influencer. I would be extremely grateful if you would like and share this post away please as the more you do the greater chance I have of getting the position. I have been out … Continue reading

  • You were the child no one noticed.You were the child no one cared for.You were the child whose words went unspokenYou were bullied, unloved by your peers,you thought no one loved you,if only someone had intervened.You went through each year broken and lonelyThey name called you, Billy, Todd, even Wendy.You take tablets until this daybecause of the self esteem they took away.But now with a child beside me, a husband curled up in my arms.I hope one day to be a teacher, to offer each child a lifeline
  • There is a park where children playand so did they, when in their hay dayBoys and girls, now widows meetDown by the park where shadows creep.Sunlight wintry in their eyes,are cataracts, light refractions,scientific over reactions.Were this Eden, bathed in glory?Here is Orpington, a different story,same theme, a child whines,I think of him.Gathering dusty memoriesHour glass, mesmerisesI see his face eclipsedwhere the sun meets its end.When returned, tables turnedThe old and the new,figuratively speaking.My father, I am seeking.Through my husband, son.The battle won, the shoes he wears,his jeans, even his smelly socksbring him back, for a moment.My son. "The living years" by Mike and the Mechanicson the radio. That year, one Christmas past.Shift shapes, years one blur,like a train chuffing,then vanishingin the sunlight. I see before meelements of reason, scientifically sealed from view.The Turin shroud,the resurrection.Each moment, we move a stone,un-turning the new.The same is always true.Heartbeats never dance in tunewith each other, yet the same spiritual dancelike an old romancebrings me back to you.¬†
  • ¬†Social Media SlavesI'm a slave to social media.It's like suffering from diptheriaThis verbal diahoreamakes me disappearinto the whirlwind of success.I fail, I win, I lose.This is no real utopiaSocial miopiaMy mind enslavedmy body chainedinstead of the sinkI'm wasting inkon self-service, delusions of grandeurWho's will do I pander to?Fakebook or twit-tweetor linked into timewastingMy head is gyratingto existential intoxicationconcealed in control freakismthe plans of the stateremove democratic debatethe only victory is death by strangulationour alien beingsWill they defeat the fascist regime?We strive to out-dance the worldly and glamorousYou know what? These words are no poisoned ivyWhat is worse is the silence behind me and the cat calls of liarsthe mercenary insiders.Lets bring the walls tumbling downBring the New Jerusalemthen we shal no longer besocial media slavesWhether Christian or atheistwe will be saved.