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Monkey Business

We had a lovely time in Spain for our Christmas holiday, the best pleasure of all was seeing how happy my son Samuel was. He lightens up our lives, now, then and always. This poem is about Samuel. I wrote it out in Spain over Christmas. He has his cheeky ways my lazy monkey singing … Continue reading


I thought I would post another poem from my “Spanish Songbook” called “Mediterranea” based on a statue I saw of that title in the Costa Del Sol. I hope you enjoy reading! Mediterranea She arches her tail like a graceful dolphin Mediterranea, Queen of the sea. Mermaid, invincible honey trapper. Sweet nothings sent from fishermen. … Continue reading


I have been thinking today about the Internet, facebooking and blogging in particular wondering at the advantages and disadvantages of placing private information as public access. As facebook is apparently thinking of placing a “timeline” app as a compulsory function of the site you have to wonder at the supposed freedom of the Internet revolution … Continue reading