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In the basement the lights are dimming. The frost is melting. The walls are thickened, white washed, painted. The thrall of darkness between my fingertips. The many drops of rain, thrashing down on a night like a million knives, crash on the ceiling. Reeling, flowing, tremendous waves crash and burn, we’re moving boxes, husband’s painting, … Continue reading

There is a park where children play and so did they, when in their hay day Boys and girls, now widows meet Down by the park where shadows creep. Sunlight wintry in their eyes, are cataracts, light refractions, scientific over reactions. Were this Eden, bathed in glory? Here is Orpington, a different story, same theme, … Continue reading


Alexander Fleming invented penicillin. Did it not occur to the medicinal man that there was a slight chink in his master-plan? A cure to common maladies can actually cause allergies. It happened to my son. His skin, blotched, itchy. Honestly, I am not trying to be bitchy. Listen to the girl next door, any man … Continue reading

Tribute to Mandela

Madiba, Madiba Look to you, their saviour Africa cries tears of jubilation, liberty Long live unity Many years ago I was sixteen doing my English GCSE I recall reading an extract by Mandela this has always stayed with me. Through Cold War, Apartheid Divided nations came together saluting him Madiba. Africa Long live liberty, equality, … Continue reading

Guest blog from the lovely Emma Latham