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Little Duck

Little duck, little duck. Have a lovely day. Waiting for your food to eat as children come and play. Passing dogs with walkers bark The ducks remain unscathed. Quacking out their nature’s song while girl on phone in language unknown. Their prayer, the ducks sing brightly An adult shouts close by. Going past a cemetery … Continue reading

Mike the mouse

There was a mouse who lived at the end of the road in a house by a stream. Eating ice cream as children walked by, they caught sight of the mouse with the blink of an eye. They said “Will you play with us, little grey mouse?” Going downstream with the rain went the house. … Continue reading

The Martian

The Martian walked on Earth one night He wandered long and far Looking for his heart’s delight, to catch a falling star. A cosmic gaff, brought him back. A satellite turned round. Weeping very sadly, he uttered out aloud, “Please Mr Martian Man, who Earth and fire acclaim, stop going off to war in order … Continue reading


Once there was a pig named porker. He had to be the fattest pig you would ever see in your life. Porker simply never stopped eating until one day shortly after Christmas he decided to go on a diet. All Porker ate during this time were little leaves from plants. Until one day the farmer … Continue reading

The Wizard’s Wand

The wizard waved his wand so high Created rabbits in the sky. Flowers appearing from tissues. Doves out of bowler hats. Now a sudden thunder clap. The crowds applaud. The wand placed down. A child picks up, my son. He’s won the cup and crown, a wizard’s cloak and wand. He turns me into a frog … Continue reading

Little Train

I know a little train that chuff chuffs away. Outside the garden we see the station. Passing trains chugging, some people are running out to catch the southern, south-eastern, capital connect to London from Kent – all in the blink of an eye.

Granddad’s Pocket

Once upon a time there was a rocket that ended up in Granddad’s pocket. Rising up in the air, like a firework or flare. Nanny gave Granddad a locket which one day fell out of his pocket. He thought it was lost, until a faint touch from his grandson who found what he left. On … Continue reading

Give up the Ghost

Do I give up the ghost for the thought of being greedy? Have I loved him too much? Or are these thoughts getting seedy? Have I written myself off too many times?Only to be sucked in by my ego and that is my crime. Do you think that I’m crazy and that this isn’t my … Continue reading

Covent Garden

Stars on the horizon. Beneath your feet. On the street. Artists enchanting audiences, the knife thrower who places her life in our hands. The dancing string quartet. The grey-haired man singing Les Miserables’ songs on the Piazza, yet I only catch the end of it each time. In the Royal Opera House, The Nutcracker dazzles gracefully, I … Continue reading

New Year Haikus

So, happy new year, up yours to the old – thirteen – unlucky for some.   So here’s to the new. Adventures aplenty too. The start of the show.   Fireworks, bouncing sparks. We’re feeling high as the sky. Momentous moments.   New Year, sets me free. Opens new doors to us all For eternity. … Continue reading