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Granddad’s Pocket

Once upon a time there was a rocket

that ended up in Granddad’s pocket.

Rising up in the air, like a firework or flare.

Nanny gave Granddad a locket

which one day fell out of his pocket.

He thought it was lost,

until a faint touch

from his grandson

who found what he left.

On the grass, upon the coast,

the places they loved most,

abroad, on the plane.

“Will I see him once more?”

said mum to her boy,

tidying his bedroom,

adding her creative, personal touch,

to the boy she loves much,

watching them return in the rain.

About Geraldine Ward

Geraldine Ward has been writing and performing various forms of poetry and prose from an early age, and is a regular contributor at the London Farrago Poetry Slam nights. She has published a number of books including the "Now" collection, and has featured in other publications including Katie Metcalfe's "Beautiful Scruffiness" series of magazines.


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