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The Closet

In the closet she hangs her clothes. Gently, swiftly, she disrobes. Coveted, loved, in the closet. He comes back to her, her love. A strange sparkle Hand in glove, she loves him still In the closet, by the window sill. She dreams of her, sweet bliss Sun kissed summer days The heady haze of youth … Continue reading

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Rough Draft, prose extract).

Somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea he was holding me, bearing down with the weight of a colossus. My angel was stopping me from drowning. Here eyes of steel blue bore through him to me, with a challenge, keenly sought. I awoke with a start. The dreams never changed. The immortal longing … Continue reading

Vision of Mars

Vision of Mars Search for the stars A blood red moon Gold beacon Hopes of new days Travel past like Earth To the tips of the moon Will return soon A space station remains Still in dark The vision of perfect blue Brings the touch of nature Nurtured by God The spring brings new life … Continue reading


“So, prisoner at the bar, to what do you stand accused?” “For the guillotine or hangman’s noose. I make my plea for liberty. The road was never narrow. To he who made it straight. She married me at the gates of heaven. Now that mercurial shroud covers me, ghostly as a widow’s shroud. The caves … Continue reading

Spring Haikus

Closing of the mind to the ones she left behind quaking in the spring. Her eyes smouldered tears wizened with fake wisdom lines Crows nests, Romanesque. Straight nose, smart repose Is she me, faded, ghostly as the full spring moon. Gliding, sensuous as the touch of cool passion Melting summer dawn Cruel words passing through … Continue reading

Inheriting the Earth

He sent shivers down her spine, in a chair that reclined. He gawked, the psychiatrist smiled benignly. The chair was soft, a spring glow soothed the mother’s face. Her child of three, on the periphery, surrounded by music, life moved on to a distinctive song. Flowers were in her hair, She was dancing in the … Continue reading


Here is a poem inspired by National Autism Awareness month. They called you autistic, caustic geriatric in paediatric ward… they note you, treated you different. Were you special? On some sort of pedestal? First born spawn of Satan, she speaks verbatim, paints perfect pictures in water colour. She asked to stick the geriatric on the psychiatric … Continue reading