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Scrambled conversations, in the market, Tunisia. Arab state, Muslim nation. In Souse where the game seems easy. Rugs for barter, gold for plenty. Silver jewellery, is it really? Sly men for selling fag breath, rough skin, white van man, tough and dodgy. Use words like “Lovely jubbly,” they know the jive. Sell their nation on … Continue reading


The land of opportunity. Sweet home Alabama. The ocean looming. Far in the distance is America. Statue of Liberty, mocked with audacity. USA rocked and rolled to jazz and soul. The White Man ruled, 12 years a slave, like the film, lives lost, saved through justice and the simplicity of service. Hard won through years … Continue reading

Victoria Watson, “The Piano” review.

Heart-breaking and spell-binding, a pithy read of story-telling magnitude. Some great descriptive prose here, “The Piano” is written with tremendous pathos. I was visually transported in this short-story through an intensely tragic journey told with sensitivity and a biting sting in the tale. Any reader without exception will relate to the social and contemporary themes … Continue reading

Our Eden

Dionysus, Dionysus, drinking from the vine. You took all God’s omniscience and turned it into wine. Bachus made omnipotent, servants made magnificent, overwhelmed by ego, thought they could be Gods themselves creating evil. Today there is a baobab over African shanties, bamboo huts, no more wine for them to drink from. Western nations took the lot. … Continue reading

Our Eden

Reviews, Victoria Watson “Letting Go”.

Hi. I thought I would like to share with you a review of Victoria Watson’s work, an award winning north-east writer and reviewer. Victoria Watson’s ‘Letting Go’ is a superlative collection of short stories.’Bye bye Baby’ explores the loss of a child from the mother’a perspective, the treatment she received and the tragedy of her … Continue reading

Full Circle

There’s a race going on for life, in case you did not know, to cure cancer. My dad died, so many like him remembered. Those with us now, equally known by sight or sound, but some don’t hear or see. They can’t, they are blind or deaf. Dis-regarded? The human story, theirs, yours, mine. To … Continue reading