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The Unsung Hero

The unsung hero steps in. A man of courage, no fuss. The king of love, true adoration. From above, given by the divine, to help us through difficult times. His strength, maturity, guides the way. He asks for nothing to repay. Jesus offers us his hand and takes us to a place where the light … Continue reading

Israel and Palestine Conflict Poem

So you married your Palestinian bride, guilty of infanticide, they burnt your children on the rubbish heap. The fires blazed, the bombing did not cease. He’s Jewish, served the people well, in Gaza, underneath the wall. Partitioned, in between “Shalom,” he says, “My friends.” She hugs him to her chest, their children, God’s people, dead. … Continue reading


I wondered at the age old view, gathering dust outside the window. On the edge of somewhere lies a dream, generated all kinds of schemes. In the emptiness, beyond the pale, a glow emanated, a face enlightened. The storm abated, the world brightened. In the cauldron of uncertainty, in the race for light, embittered thoughts … Continue reading

Out on the beach

Out on the beach in the Tunisian heat, sunning ourselves as the clock passes twelve. The height of the day. Noon sun passes rays. Tranquility, banana boats sway. Waves bob about, para-gliders take off to the sound of motors. My son plays in sand contented as angels in heaven salute brand new day, the video … Continue reading

Trail into the Unknown

So you wondered what it would be like to take a trail into the unknown? Where the phantoms guard the way and there appears no way home. Through copper beech and chestnut leaves the answers to me fly through orchids and spiked pinpricks from thorns that knew no wrong. But the desert of tomorrow. Foundations … Continue reading

The Holy Way

The holy way Forever and a day She chose the holy way The path where heroes tread I chose the long and winding one instead I thought forgive and pray For that’s the holy way But now the day has nearly gone The time for weeping carries on And holy blessings, rosaries, For someone else … Continue reading


Listen to the whirlwind, motion over-ground. Tingling sensations felt all around. Thunder-claps on mountains. An honourable display. Hearts on fire just for a day. The truth beckons. The moment comes and goes. Unceasing winds lament this passing phase. Just for a memory, demonic craze torments me. Shadows in grey dressed for today. The bird when … Continue reading