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Angel of Light

There is an angel here, guiding all our paths. Passing through futility, asking us to laugh. The sunshine she bathes in, wreathed in smiles. Fights fire with love, engineers truth from rockets of energy, through the silence she came and called out our names, asking she beseeched to listen to her speech. His name is … Continue reading

Vicky Beeching

Curled up in a ball, you walk alone. The scar on your skin tells everything. Now the clouds lift and the truth comes. They will know then, how you enlightened all not just with your singing. But your truth and integrity. Passing storms rage but I pass each page understanding that I as a wife … Continue reading

The Magic Bus

The magic bus made many stops. Up in the air it went. Gatwick, then Stanstead, in the blink of an eye. Here was a bus that was meant to fly. In airports, through London, the Number 10. Ends up in my son’s bedroom, fetching and carrying passengers far, through child-like dreams, imagined through a forest … Continue reading

The Bottomless Hippopotamus

There was once a bottomless hippopotamus, whose friend was a ubiquitous rhinoceros, who lacked one thing, a horn he could call his own. Now the bottomless hippopotamus did not know where to look, for with four legs and no backside, that wasn’t very good. Sprawled, crawling on his belly in the mud, until ubiquitous rhinoceros, … Continue reading

Warlords and Martyrs (rough first draft).

They were the Martyrs. Remains of lost cities and civilisations beckoned from the hardest hearts. Opened up wounds never healed – the convergence of curses. The constant hatred, enmity, call it what you will, all for a piece of land. God given, or so they thought. As two tribes went to war on each other … Continue reading

Rose Garden

So I am writing in the rose garden, singing summer songs, children led by parents chanting, “ring a ring a roses,” ripples through from the playground. Somehow her voice annoys me, I wish to tame the shrew, I know not why, this is hardly Shakespearean – I long to smell the roses – an aeroplane … Continue reading

Dear Mr Maths teacher

Dear Mr Maths teacher, thank you for your time. Or was it your crime? To forgo principle. Was I invisible? You spoke a different language, the speech of numbers. But figure this, you won’t get me doing Pythagoras’ Theorem – one whole year of that and nothing else left me questioning myself. While the talented … Continue reading

First we remember unless we forget

First we remember unless we forget. Lights out, dawn bugle boy. The Company fell by the Somme. The Flanders fields, poppies blew against the wind. Storms of war brewed again. Worse than Blackadder without the comedy. Owen and Sassoon’s poems, as the full moon rose over a canvas blue sky – stars hanging like puppets … Continue reading