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I stole a glance at my old self, buried in a shroud of iniquity, would perpetuity bring equality or more anxiety? For peripheral vision drew derision from a side of me, characterless, blasé, the poem or I? Wreathed in bland expressions, juvenile digression, quick philosophical mentions, Anglophiles in the Scotland debate are perhaps a little … Continue reading

Scottish/Irish wedding

The highland fling, gay gordons, caeli king. Kilts, dresses, ladies skirts, swinging round, while men’s shirts unbuttoned, fastened wedding dress, beautiful tight fit, a radiant bride, a dashing groom, the party started, Dunns, Wards, Ovens, Scots, Irish, English – with the Fenwick contingent, Simon and I, Alison and Neil – soon to be bride – … Continue reading

Promised Land

If you are the moon then she is the sun and he is the shepherd on whose field sheep are born. We are the architects, he is the way. You are the moon but the sun leads the way. She is a rose in the gathering gloom. She was the prize I missed while she … Continue reading


Abraham knew which way the wind blew. His God chosen for him. He was no martyr, a leader of men, born to guide the Israelites to Jerusalem, and while men wept evil was swept away, tears dried. The good land never barren, the dream bathed them in a sunset supreme and while men and women … Continue reading