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Leaf fall Hand withdrawal Knowing that the task she undertakes  is not a piece of cake. They kiss, handshakes Wind blows softly, the sun peers through her emotional window  And now, the end feels like a beginning. Time, autumn now, lingering years Her life in front seemed timeless Today in her Autumn years  she hunts and … Continue reading

The Ballroom

If life was just a ballroom and I was but a dancer floating on the floor. The picturesque of burlesque. A phantom female magnet draped in veiled grey. Waltzing to the Blue Danube at dusk.  If you were my partner and we did the jive and reel, would this deadly romance linger more than we would … Continue reading

Black Jeremy Paxman

Black Jeremy Paxman Sitting in his chair. Grilling politicians, Acerbic, arrogant air. No Martin Luther King Nor Nelson Mandela Will hold him up high He’s black Jeremy Paxman. He grasps you in his stare He is no cuddly panda, There is no black or white Michael Jackson dancing in the street. This is no rapping, … Continue reading

Poem (for performance)

So you think Cheryl Cole is so far up her arse because she’s northern and a little working class. You can’t understand her accent because she has that Geordie twang, so I respond perversely – some people have never gone further north than the Watford Gap. Though others have but have eaten so many jellied … Continue reading