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The War of Worlds when Worlds were well

The war of worlds when worlds were well and tides were high and feelings swelled. Nights of passion were known of not before Adam and Eve curse forethought. The war of worlds when worlds were well. When knowledge unheard of and words like original sin consigned to a cosmic dustbin. Creator God in his magic … Continue reading

You are loved

A poem to think of when feeling down, I was influenced by words of Abraham when I wrote this. You are loved. The world is on your shoulders. Now it may seem like time to go. You are loved even asĀ  you grow older You are loved more than you will know. You are loved … Continue reading

Gown of Poppies

So I dreamt of sacrifice, the blinding glare in the window, a blue magenta dawn worth remembering. At the cenotaph, the poppies glittering array, medals like pendants on display. Glowering, the mourning flower, like an eternal weed raised high, the poppy seed in flower in golden hoursĀ upon a green once crosses on unmarked graves, now … Continue reading

Post Halloween poem

In the arms of death the witches breath exhaled garlic onto vampires. Pumpkins smiles were warped onto plates came the food, made for her entire brood. Mrs Grotbag had her way, among her children she held sway, worms and bunyans, curled up toenails. In her arms lies a child, pretty as can be. In love … Continue reading