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Snow Boy

I saw you were divine, that being before my eyes, holy. In the dull atmosphere of an earthly black hole, they are shuffling, mining the coal in his eyes, his tangerine nose. Were this a snowman brought in from the cold? Warmed up, overheating, the shadow cast grey sheets of ice over feet of clay. … Continue reading

Crushed to my knees

Crushed to my knees Crushed to my knees I rowed along the shore of the seven seas I went to the floor My head felt numb I walked along, I walked along Crushed to my knees Bricks and stones and mortar Walked along, walked alone Avoiding any slaughter Crushed to my knees Up to my … Continue reading


Climbing up slumbering walls of cursed ivy. Drooling at the acid sun’s elicit rays. Covered in the acrid scent of another ethereal winter’s day, foaming uncertainties in the jaws of an almighty abyss. Oh Lord of unconditional loving, lady of sweet blessings. Joining with deep magnetic caressing. Coma┬átozed in life, slithering forth and back. In … Continue reading