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Chink of Light

The chink of light was like a sunset. The golden globe a heavenly orb. The love that lit the torch paper. The fire that burnt the flame. Bled dry a name encrusted in gold. A word would not withhold a whisper to a name. That spoke and uttered out a time. From now and ever … Continue reading

Any town

This town was built from flint and clay from the iron age and the God’s malaise. This Earth leaves tints of iron and bronze. Seas, and shells, parchment gone. This nation holds its mark on time, not short of the sublime mixtures of faiths and cultures, landmarks from other time-zones. The shape of the stars … Continue reading

The Loaded Gun

You play the game. You sing the song, saying that you don’t belong, that life is not easy. You wear the right clothes, you hang out with the in people. The loaded gun. You think, “Kuching!” You play by the rules that are for fools but life doesn’t really. Self-righteous in the extreme, living out … Continue reading

Just to say thank you.

Hello, Over the last few years I have used this blog for writing poetry and short stories mainly. I have often used it to promote my work and book releases but I haven’t spent much time truly blogging, that is sharing my experiences, it is normally, stuff that link and poem on, and see if … Continue reading

Falling in love with the dream

I am falling in love with the dream. The rich boy, the poor girl, the man in the middle. I’m falling in love with the dream. At once in a universe, incidentally, falling in love with the dream. “What is your name?” she thinks “Who do you think you are?” Yet she’s falling in love with … Continue reading