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Facebook page link to Geraldine Ward.

Hello, Just thought, if you like looking at this blog please check-out and like my Geraldine Ward Facebook page, for more news about writing and latest book releases etc. The link is below. Many thanks.x https://www.facebook.com/geraldine.ward.uk?fref=ts


In the land beside Hyde Park, gypsies commune, make their mark. One woman sits alone in meditative prayer. Others rest and congregate, play board games while another woman arrives and smiles. The land is dusted with cigarette butts and other trash mars the earth, this is the gypsies playground. I vacate the premises, head towards … Continue reading

Magna Carta

They signed the Magna Carta, then took the scroll away. On flags, stones, tablets, sentinels, the King and bishops say, heraldic halleluiahs, blessed saints and martyrs, heroes of the cross, the lion, St George and dragon will not bear the loss. The legal eagles legislature, the treasures of the psalms, haunting alleluias bathed in gateways … Continue reading

The Oxford Comma

Give me an Oxford comma and I will make you laugh. Give me a subordinate clause and I will give you the grammar cops. An Oxford don, with monocle and Swiss watch, not looking so glam while he sips his scotch. He’s had the naughty class from third grade who struggle with their diction, Johnny’s … Continue reading

Sestina about Christina

This is a sestina about Christina the witch who was quite a vixen, the bitch of the northern coast whose favourite thing to do was casting spells on all around her. A wicked sage, this she, he, her. This idle woman, Christina was not worth describing in a sestina. The evil things she does, Christina … Continue reading