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A Whacky mum

Whacky, chic, cool and trendy, dropped your phone down the toilet while texting. You are funny and dizzy, I won’t call you a hippy. You do the YMCA the wrong way round. Occasionally burn the pizza or cakes, or let the washing get wet, but you are my mum, I won’t call you a pain. … Continue reading

A Mum and Dad (to their child)

Dad: There’s a monster in the cupboard. Mum: I’ve sent it away. Dad: A policeman up ahead, he’s watching you. Mum: I’ll cuddle you in bed. Dad: I’ve poisoned your pet. Mum: I’ll take him to the vet. Dad: I’ve put on a scary movie. Mum: Let’s watch a kids film instead. Dad: There’s no … Continue reading