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Spring is on its way (Haikus)

Swaying gentle breeze Tress in leaf, no winter freeze Spring time joyfulness Birds sing like a choir of angels chanting sweetly Spring is on its way New lambs being born, fresh pastures, gathering corn Easter eggs to eat Joy in the meadows, cities spring cleaned and shining, sparkling with new joy Spring is on its … Continue reading

That is Love

What you see in the mirror of memories, fails and fails again, in the light of new dawn comes a beautiful morning, where a lovely light curtain is drawn That is love. The start of strange memories, pierces a new found joy, and in the understanding of the dark and the light what you always … Continue reading

Preview of Under the Willow

Hello. For a long time I have had this as an idea as a poetry collection and I spent a while over the last year or so putting it together. So here is a preview of my latest poetry collection that you can check out by following this link: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1190814

90 Years Today

90 years today 90 years today Never been ninety before Only once got the key to the door All others gone first Victoria Wood dead, Percy Sledge, David Gest What a plethora All the world adore her Elizabeth the second Ninety years today Never been ninety before Only once got the key to the door … Continue reading

Follow me wherever you go

Follow me wherever you go. Into my heart, into my mind, into God, love to help all mankind. Follow me in open space, and wilderness, in God’s embrace. Follow me in wonder and awe, follow me wherever you go, into the depths of tragic despair. Follow me wherever you go.

Atomic Table

There are particles, fragments, elementary particles blown away from the crossfire. Angry men and women part company, trying to keep safe, the memories in my mind will help all mankind. If I only learn the lesson, an atomic table of elements, chemistry confides. These hearts and open minds are fused together, now and forever. The … Continue reading

The things I could have done

I could have smiled and been your friend until the end I could have laughed more, helped more, learnt more I could have had a better heart, a better mind, but whatever I do from love gets returned and in the end all that matters is learned, there’s grace and there’s goodness, positivity, sadness, loneliness, … Continue reading