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Winding Walk in Newstead Wood

On a winding walk in Newstead Wood, I saw the road Frost travelled, the long and coveted path to happiness. As I wandered the winding walk in Newstead Wood, with Ipod on, playing The Seekers songs, I sought the greater good. Demon voices lured me in, both internal and external, though to walk the road less … Continue reading

Dancing Girl

Small, squat, sublime and dances in time. Graceful and neat, she sways to the beat. With her thin dancing feet. Toes pointing outwards, though inwards she seeks a place of huge happiness, an open wide heart. Inner chamber where she flees, lets out her anguish, the Earth at her knees. For when dancing she is herself, true. … Continue reading

Letter to myself

Hello. There is an excellent project being run in the north-east involving people writing letters to themselves from either a past, present or future view-point, so I thought I would add my own here. I am writing to you, in your tiny crib of ageless wonder. It’s the day you were born, small, special girl, … Continue reading

Golden Stars

Your golden star lies on Broadway. The Sunset Boulevard to broken dreams. This is no counter culture poem, or obituary to doomed youth of has beings. Yet Green Day and Muse left me diffused with rock, indie and metal, though you are but a petal that never dies. I am talking Nineteen Forties Germany and … Continue reading

Miss Messershmitt

Little Miss Messerschmitt, your bombing raids were uber thick, with shrapnel falling all around. Then you hit the ground running. Her Kaufman, your General in command, took you in hand, moulded you into a fair Aryan beauty. Your line of duty, the Waafen SS, brought you the power and control you desired. Thirty years on … Continue reading