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A rose blooms on

There comes a point when sunlight shines on your face and you think it lasts forever. You fail to take heed of the gathering breeze as the wind takes away your triumph. Then in the valleys where love once nestled there comes a voice crying in despair. “In the wilderness I am, salute me and … Continue reading

Silent heroes

You are the silent heroes You wander in the dark Setting light the torch paper Floating like a lark On blue skies Swimming like a swan With grace I thought I’d never see the face Of silent heroes, swiftly tread Upon long dark boards, with travelling hordes In the background shining through Creating Windows That … Continue reading

Love is…

Love is a street sweeper coming down the road,who says hello without even knowing you. Love is a messenger that helps as you are falling down a long steep mountain. Love is a heart that pounds in tandem to the same or different discordant beat. Love is a memory or ghost of someone once loved, … Continue reading


Upon Pegasus wings my Nemesis came. Eyes and hair bolt black. No turning back or escape from her strong steely gaze. The love that came between mirrored my mind’s white space. Now the empty silence of retreat. She was not my love but another came and went. Along a long dark alley of past lament. … Continue reading