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Under the Willow

Hello, A month or two back I completed this book, “Under the Willow.” It is a poetic collection of works that you could say come from a Christian or religious dimension. I would not claim to be a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, this work contains poetry that often come from another … Continue reading


Not really understanding how much I love you, Even though the sun’s turned dark, And all I know is the light that once blithely Sent through a heartbeat, do you judge harshly? Perhaps you are right, but love and forgiveness provide insight I see you through the image of a waxen candle fading to the … Continue reading


I wish to live life peacefully without a shred of misery, to unfurrow that deep brow, the time is really now, to throw away that history and live my life now peacefully. Not dwelling in the darkness yet shining rays of light, infinite in providence, guiding stars of night with angels of light proving deeply … Continue reading