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Autumn Haikus

Music in autumn the fall of leaves on the dew is mesmerising In autumn twilight the full moon whispers softly the leaves crunch crisply An autumn morning, rays of light burn through the mist Hopefulness sun kissed


Was there a moment when I thought, let the darkness stop, there was that road to happiness, then the light. I heard it blinking, glaring on. I knew it was gazing, luring me in joyfully. I had fallen so often into the darkness yet knew the road to happiness lay within my reach in positiivity


You were a whisper, a voice, a second choice living in my dreams, the whisper became like a song swiftly sung, the whisper was someone I loved, seeking the grace of God, I sought that like music, the key to our spirits, tuned in with everything, kisses that were missed and uninvited, yet I am … Continue reading


Chocolate, hot and creamy, making you feel dreamy, distilling, quietly reeling from that naughty chocolate feeling. Warm and feeling tender. Could chocolate have a gender? A tomboy alley cat, or the girl who’s loving Tindle, supremely sensuous with subtle innuendo. Falling into chocolate must be like a teenager’s first kiss, luring you into tenderness. Soft … Continue reading