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A couple of links I promised.

Hi, here are the two links to the magazines I mentioned. The first is for “I am not a silent poet” edited by Reuben Woolley and features a few poems by me notably, “Bullshit Brigade,” “On the Threshold,” and “Autistic” as well as great poems from other writers. You can find the website here: https://iamnotasilentpoet.wordpress.com/ The … Continue reading

Happy Announcement – Geraldine Ward Published in “I am not a silent poet.”

Hi, I am really happy to tell you I have had three poems published in “I am not a silent poet,” edited by Reuben Woolley. This is a particularly proud moment for me as it is the first time I have had all poems that I have submitted at one time accepted simultaneously by an … Continue reading

Scorpios Rise

Scorpios rise, scorpios rise. The red mist defies, scorpios rise. The glint in your eyes. Mischief or surprise? A sudden release. Hateful thoughts cease. Love burns within from the depths of your skin. Torso, sinew, bones. When you take off your robes, on your scorpion throne, God omniscient and all powerful, looks at you, his … Continue reading

Guest Blog Welcoming Katey Lovell

Hi. I am delighted to do something very rare for me, which is to introduce a guest blog from the remarkable author Katey Lovell. Here it is below in her own words. I often reminisce about the small-town Christmases of my childhood, but having lived in Sheffield for the best part of twenty years I’ve … Continue reading


They say he’s autistic. Just another statistic. Stupid and thick. Oh my, what a dick. But you see how really foolish it is to apply labels to gifted and talented individuals. They say he’s autistic. Not talented or gifted. Yet another statistic in an Ofsted exercise. He should be at this level, he could be … Continue reading