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Christmas Sharing Present!

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A Different Kind of Awesome

A different kind of awesome is coming right near you. It’s genuine not fake and  will not eat your cake. Not the Cookie Monster. Definitely not Prime Minister. A different kind of awesome to blow against the wind. Diffuse a tide of hate. Opens heaven’s gate. Unlocks unusual principles. Comes up with frank solutions. A … Continue reading

Why Waitressing was not for me.

Waitressing was not for me. A job trial, nice cup of tea? No, try a high street Italian restaurant. Where my one great pull was boss wanted me to tutor his child. Saw I had an MA in Creative Writing. They all seemed really a pleasant bunch. I washed up, served, stacked cups. But while … Continue reading

Winter Solstice

Winter willow. Solstice, skimming like water fowl on wet limp grass. The bus stops. Doors buzz closed. Cerebral chatter despite the brain chill. Flakes of true temperate talk. Glimmering through the window, the winter solstice willow. Bus announces Farnborough Park. Old boy’s apology, he squeezes by. A parent with child speaks of accident, where child … Continue reading

7th Day of Blog Tour Welcoming Chris Fosten.

Hello,   Today I am delighted to welcome another writer, Chris Fosten to this, the 7th and final day of my blog tour.     Chris kindly answered some questions for me. The questions with his answers and insights are below.     What is/are your motivation/(s) for writing?     My motivation for writing … Continue reading

What does “slow and steady wins the race” REALLY mean?

Originally posted on Road to Happiness:
I mean come on. There comes a point where some quotes need a little more explaining. Slow cannot possibly win the race because racing is all about speed. They’re all about whoever crosses the finish line first, wins. Period. Obviously this isn’t the case here and I think the…

At Christmas

Snow drops glisten, upon northern branches, resonant charcoal voices cough like spitting chestnuts by the open hearth. Home is calling, returning with a feast of fervour. Northern voices, warm blood, passionate rituals, drawn velvet curtains, behind the Christmas tree decree, of a time before, now gone. Whittled in our coal. By the banks of the … Continue reading

6th Day of Blog Tour Welcoming Emma Latham.

Hello, today I have the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Emma Latham on the blog tour.   What is/are your motivation/(s) for writing?   My mind is always crammed with ideas. My motivation for writing is to get them from mind to paper in a way that makes sense to me, therefore leaving more space … Continue reading

Snow Fox

Hi. Saw a poor dead cold fox today. Here is a poem about it. Your snowdrop face, like a wet kiss on the roadside where you hurtled to your death. Dear snow fox, you were not even born arctic. Town beast. Ice creamed with shock. You might as well have been a legend, but, alas! … Continue reading

5th Day of Blog Tour Welcoming Catherine Hume.

Hello, it is with great pleasure that I welcome author and blogger, Catherine Hume on my blog tour.     CATHERINE HUME ON TOUR   It’s great that Geraldine Ward has asked me to be a part of her blog tour. I will try to answer the questions I’ve been given.   What are my … Continue reading