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4th Day of Blog Tour Welcoming M.S. Bloom

Hello. Today I have the pleasure of introducing the lovely M.S. Bloom on the 4th day of my blog tour. She has a number of exciting projects on the go and I am sure you will find her account a fascinating read.     What is/are your motivation/(s) for writing?     Due to my … Continue reading

3rd Day of Blog Tour Introducing Artist, Jenny Pixie Ward.

Hello, This is the 3rd day of my blog tour and today I have bent the rules. My guest blogger isn’t actually a blogger or writer, but a very talented and lovely cousin of mine, artist, illustrator and sculptress,¬† Jenny Pixie Ward. Jenny has very kindly illustrated some of my children’s books but her talents … Continue reading

2nd Day of my Blog Tour Featuring Julie Ryan

Hello, Today I have the great pleasure of welcoming Julie Ryan on this the 2nd day of my blog tour. Julie has already very kindly welcomed me to her 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour. I thought it would be good to ask her some questions to get to know more about her and her … Continue reading

Blog Tour Introducing KS Hunter

Hello, I have an exciting announcement. I am delighted to introduce the internationally acclaimed writer KS Hunter who is writing this book under a pseudonym. I did this in a question and answer format for the blog tour. Today is particularly exciting for KS as it is the publication day of the book. What is … Continue reading

You Left me Mesmerised

There are few people who after a moment’s glance leave me in thrall forever. You left me mesmerised. Love, that slight, gracious leaf, flowered¬† and devoured. Thorny it became then left forever. Bewitched moonlight unicorn in the chill of night. You, in your white overcoat and fairest gold hair. I, dancing and pirouetting into what? … Continue reading