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The Library Without Poetry

This is the library without poetry.

A futuristic new build,

like an ode to modern art,

upon an esplanade,

wide, still, spiralling, static.

The torturous climb upon a winding staircase.

Glass panelled ceiling, wood chip hidden,

as if rubbed out, never before been seen.

The log fire hearth has been refurbished,

adroitly cut out to reveal nothing but

the same neutral ivory cream wallpaper.

As I survey this strange prism shaped

“Palace Robotica” I note there are few books

save the odd erotica, e-books, kindle fire,

no poetry in sight. Glass ceiling,

robots instead of librarians.

What remains in this minimalist’s paradise

is a sense of devil’s rendez-vous.

I see through the window a woman

I barely recognise.

I go over and we talk of her time in a pre-fab house

and how life was “better in them good old days.”

The woman then leaves.

I look through the book in my bag

of old rhymes and verses

Then at home I speak softly,

accentuate and repeat

poetry no longer seen

in the future libraries.



About Geraldine Ward

Geraldine Ward has been writing and performing various forms of poetry and prose from an early age, and is a regular contributor at the London Farrago Poetry Slam nights. She has published a number of books including the "Now" collection, and has featured in other publications including Katie Metcalfe's "Beautiful Scruffiness" series of magazines.


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