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Kindred Spirits

Coming from different avenues We meet on the same pathway Something in your toxic stare stills the water, A gulf between our generations, stepping stones between My first world problems, sleep indulged fear of solitude And your experience, a life well fulfilled, Grandchildren running up your knees. Until there is nothing but the river And … Continue reading


Untitled (revised) Your eyes are spitfires. Fiery Taurus Mine are a Grimm’s fairy tale Wintry, brooding, snowy owl gaze. Storm clouds gather, spring seems far away, While your’s catch another, Mine nocturnal, After winter, waiting for another guy.

Poppy Field Skies

The patchwork Was threadbare Until the needle struck The final thread. Tired eyes slept, A weeping widow, Smiled into his eyes. As together they watched poppies from the skies Beneath the memorial, reunited they stood Old and young, hand in hand, I think of my grandparents and how they first Met in an airfield, Burifa, … Continue reading