Geraldine Ward

Geraldine Ward has been writing and performing various forms of poetry and prose from an early age, and is a regular contributor at the London Farrago Poetry Slam nights. She has published a number of books including the "Now" collection, and has featured in other publications including Katie Metcalfe's "Beautiful Scruffiness" series of magazines.
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Checkout Girl

Dedicated to all the shop workers doing such a good job especially my friend, Karen. This is an ode to a checkout girl. She always has a smile for me. This is an ode to a checkout girl. She tries very hard to be free. When you hand over your credit card or cash to … Continue reading


She gave up. Her ghostly shadow, flickered faint in May. Vanished under a political storm. The downpour of tears was coming. She held them back as a goat would to it’s lame herd. God’s sheep will sing to the glory of a God, while Mrs May cried in the prevailing fog. Principled, intransigent, flawed. What … Continue reading


I once met a troll at the end of my road. Short, stout and scabby. This troll was nasty. Vicious, unkind and uncouth. He lived among rubbish, beer cans in his hand. He threw them in the road and laughed at the same time. This troll was a man of little consideration. His major strength … Continue reading

Second Coming

Jesus Christ came back in a peach Cadillac. As he drove down the road from heaven. He had an army of people. Outsiders from different ghettos all stood to salute his Coming. He was rather retro, though I wouldn’t say cool. But side kick St Peter was smoking a spliff. They were getting arrested for … Continue reading


Evacuation The baby in his mother’s arms watched vacantly, as his brothers and sisters were evacuated to the countryside. For as he slowly walks and talks, he somehow recollects a brother and sister playing, and rocking him to sleep. As he grows older and they return from the countryside a beam of delight and love … Continue reading

Kindred Spirits

Coming from different avenues We meet on the same pathway Something in your toxic stare stills the water, A gulf between our generations, stepping stones between My first world problems, sleep indulged fear of solitude And your experience, a life well fulfilled, Grandchildren running up your knees. Until there is nothing but the river And … Continue reading


Untitled (revised) Your eyes are spitfires. Fiery Taurus Mine are a Grimm’s fairy tale Wintry, brooding, snowy owl gaze. Storm clouds gather, spring seems far away, While your’s catch another, Mine nocturnal, After winter, waiting for another guy.

Poppy Field Skies

The patchwork Was threadbare Until the needle struck The final thread. Tired eyes slept, A weeping widow, Smiled into his eyes. As together they watched poppies from the skies Beneath the memorial, reunited they stood Old and young, hand in hand, I think of my grandparents and how they first Met in an airfield, Burifa, … Continue reading

People Watchers

The people watchers walk this way. Seeing coffees grands and Beaujolais. Sipping, supping, wining and dining. Some are even social climbing. Fun and games and relaxation. People watchers see the nation drifting by, in cafes, pubs, even the sky. On aeroplanes, trains, buses and bicycles. even underwater submarines, if that is the way we are … Continue reading


I want to wrap you in sheepskin, mother you with the wool, clothe you in compassion. You are my parent, my daughter, my sister. The woman I dreamt about while I was sleeping, neither fierce nor sad, sexually or perversely. We are one, you, I, them and us. Venus of virtue, daughter of God, angel … Continue reading