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All are still not welcome

In this “land of the free” all are still not welcome here. LGBT or BAME, all are still not welcome here. Outsider or refugee. all are still not welcome here. Homeless, those with mental health issues. All are still not welcome here. Hypocrisy, churches altogether say, all are still welcome here. The children on street … Continue reading

The Sheep that Set Foot in the Pub

  Why did the sheep cross the road? To get to the pub on the other side, Said one farmer to his wife He’d had his dose of rural life When once a young man living in the Lakes A sheep cut loose from the flock When crossing over, The rest stood in line while … Continue reading

Greenbelt Haikus

Greenbelt kiss lingers On the wet, well trodden grass, Summer heart shaped love. Groves of trees, hill banks  Festive rocking travellers, Home, in Jesus arms Rivers overflow With joy, Jesus is alive, Greenbelt, autumn chill Summer sun sandwich, Languish in muddy puddles Peppa Pig not here. Grown ups, children, friends Unending joy, grace of God, … Continue reading

Without Judgement

  You are looking wistfully outside the window, without judgement. The cold air creeps in from a crack in the pane And through the glass you see like you never have. When the counsellor suggested mindfulness you laughed. Like it was some kind of ironic gaff mocking me. But now I see through every panel … Continue reading

Without thanks

She does it all without thanks. Every single day. In the library working. On the technical desk with the computers. She wonders when it will end? Just a word of thanks. That’s all she needs. But customers moan and groan. As her supervisor slaps her wrist With another spiteful put down. Who would be a … Continue reading