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Sons and Lovers

So you speak of sons and lovers? The Oedipus complex, boy falls in love with mother. Yet then in a bird’s-eye way the view from my window shows a boy whose heart I know. His radiant smile, all knowing tender touch I love so much. Like his father. Did Freud have it right? About sexuality, … Continue reading

You were the child no one noticed. You were the child no one cared for. You were the child whose words went unspoken You were bullied, unloved by your peers, you thought no one loved you, if only someone had intervened. You went through each year broken and lonely They name called you, Billy, Todd, … Continue reading

We came home

We came home.

We came home

When we walked across the wilderness we did not wait to see across the blotted landscape beyond the iron sea. A caged monstrosity A phantom desire conjured up a strange muse, oblivious as a desert without sand dunes. The cold of yesterday echoes through my fingertips. The lost blueprints, footprints from yesterday, elicit as a … Continue reading

The Bourbon Set

  Hiding in the Shadows They had their secret get-out clauses. Their silent trails of deceit kept them underground, hiding in the shadows. This was no terrorist hide-out. No Osama Bin Laden’s in this network. This was not so much old- boy’s brigade but grey suits with fresh faces straight out of Oxford.   Their … Continue reading

Just takes a second

Just takes a second to form a smile. Just takes a second to say hello. Just takes a second to take a deep breath, step back before you speak. Just takes a second to fall asleep. Just takes a second to score a goal. Or do your own, dig yourself into a hole. Just takes … Continue reading